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where is he?



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Soraka just sort of stared and left a blanket beside the couch??

Leaves to do soraka thing.

Doing such Exile things she snatched up the blanket and walked her way to Sorakas bed, lying down snugly in it.

Exile things



”I still think about the fact that you are a grown woman and you cannot live alone to save your life. A champion of the league no less. That’s a tad odd, Riven.”

"You go sleep on some rocks for a couple of months, and have only fish bread, and pond water.." That went no where but she took her position under a couch.


”Give them the old razzledazzle.”

"No..I am going home..your home..our home.."

Clothes swap

Pushing the hat up so she could see, not used to the man lenses the swordsman would use.  “I…well at least I am better clothed then before, and I can safely say I can still move about easily in this attire..though I do not know why I am wearing it..”

Send ‘Clothes swap’ for my character’s reaction to putting on your muses clothing.

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